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Why are paper coffee cups so popular among consumers?

Since drinking coffee became popular in China, many coffee delivery platforms will have a lot of fast-moving consumer goods such as coffee paper cups, including a paper cup that is now popular on the market, which is a high-end paper cup to hold coffee. Everyone When drinking coffee, we usually go to coffee shops. We usually pay attention to the coffee and not the cup that holds the coffee. Using paper cups to hold coffee is helpful to reduce costs and is safer. Because it is a disposable paper cup, it is easy to use. Very convenient, disposable paper coffee cups are not only convenient to use, but also bring an elegant feeling to consumers. Therefore, many coffee shops have begun to use disposable paper cups. That is, paper coffee cups.

The raw material of coffee paper cups is coated paper commonly used in coffee paper cups, which is divided into double coated paper and single coated paper. The thickness of coated paper usually used is between 218 grams and 300 grams. The thickness of corrugated paper required for coffee cups ranges from 280 grams to 340 grams.


A paper coffee cup is a paper cup used to hold coffee. It looks better than ordinary paper cups. The most commonly used paper-plastic cup is a layer of paper on the outside and a layer of laminated paper on the inside, which is an inner polyethylene plastic film. Although the outer layer is made of paper, the inner layer of plastic film that comes into contact with food is controversial. Therefore, whether this cup is defined as a disposable paper cup or a plastic cup is controversial. In terms of testing, both paper and plastic quality are tested. Without wax, people may think paper plastic cups are safe. In fact, it has the most risk factors. The hygienic hazards of the outer paper are very prominent. If the outer layer contains water, mold will form. If paper cups are stacked on top of each other, mold on the outside will inevitably contaminate the inside. When using paper cups, be sure to check whether they have become damp or moldy.

1.Advertising paper cups are divided into cold drink cups, hot drink cups and yogurt cups according to their uses. Cold drink cups, as the name suggests, are paper cups that can hold cold drinks. Cold drinks have a special feature and need to be frozen or refrigerated. The safe use temperature is 0-5. It is determined that the entire paper cup is waterproof. Therefore, the body material of the cold drink cup is food-grade wood pulp paper + PE film on the inner and outer surfaces. This can effectively prevent wood pulp paper from losing its original stiffness and toughness due to contact with moisture.

2.有三个主要类型的一次性纸杯开云体育体育博彩开云体育官网最新下载地址查询s: one is made of white cardboard, which is mainly used to hold dry things and cannot hold water and oil; the second is wax-coated paper cups, which are soaked in wax. , so it is relatively waterproof and thick, but as long as the temperature of the water in the cup exceeds 40 degrees, the wax will melt, and the wax contains carcinogens polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; the third type is the paper plastic cup commonly used by people now, with a layer of Paper has a layer of coated paper inside. If the material used during production is not good or the processing technology is not up to standard, harmful substances will be produced.



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3.Disposable paper cups currently sold on the market and custom-made advertising paper cups are basically PE coated paper, that is, the base paper is covered with a layer of food-grade PE film. The function of the film is to make the paper cup water-proof. In addition, it can be used on the paper cup. Molding takes effect during production. As for the wax-coated paper cups currently circulated on the Internet, they have long been eliminated. This paper cup factory has never used them, and I have not seen other paper cup factories using them.

After talking about the PE film of PE coated paper, let’s talk about the most important raw material of disposable paper cups, base paper. At present, my country’s main paper cup base paper is domestically produced, with a small amount imported. With the continuous improvement of the production technology of paper mills, the quality of domestic paper cup paper is basically the same as that of imported paper cup base paper.

The coffee paper cup comes from the coffee cup. The coffee cup was born with the widespread spread of coffee. With the birth of the coffee cup, the value of coffee has become even more apparent.

The production process of paper coffee cups is from paper cup base paper to lamination into paper cup paper, printing, die-cutting, and forming. Coffee paper cups are generally medium to high-end paper cups, such as corrugated cups, hollow cups, etc. For the use and appreciation of coffee paper cups, first of all, consumers should be assured of its quality and safety, and secondly, they should ensure good-looking appearance. Consumers should feel the deliciousness of the coffee, and they should also feel that the paper coffee cups have certain functions. When using paper coffee cups to hold coffee, pay attention to the color matching of the coffee cups. Drinking coffee is as natural as drinking water. But for a good cup of coffee, in addition to careful roasting and exquisite operating skills, the coffee cup also plays an extremely important role. Now let me give you an in-depth understanding of coffee cups.


The most basic thing is that paper coffee cups must not react chemically with coffee, so reactive metals must not be used to make coffee cups (of course, if you want to pursue alternative flavors), such as aluminum cups. The body of the coffee cup should be thick, and the mouth of the cup should not be wide or flaring. The cup condenses the heat of the coffee and prevents it from cooling down quickly, which will not affect the taste and taste of the coffee. Single-layer paper cups are one type of disposable paper cups, also known as single-sided coated paper cups. The layer inside the paper cup has a smooth PE coating. Single-layer cups are generally used to hold drinking water, which is convenient for people to drink. The raw materials of the house are made of food-grade wood pulp paper + food-grade PE film. Double-layer paper cups, as the name suggests, mean that the paper cups are double-layered and have two layers. The quality of double-layer paper cups is better than single-layer paper cups. Double-layer paper cups also last longer than single-layer paper cups. It can also be used to hold hot drinks, such as hot coffee.

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